5 Benefits for Using an Accountant for Tax Returns Preparation

While it is true that tax returns for your business can be done by yourself, there is no perfect substitute in using an accountant for tax returns preparation. Professional help is a sure advantage and though this may be costly, the benefits far outweigh the required investment. So with the various tax software programs available in the market, why should you hire an accountant to file your taxes? Here’s a quick glimpse at the top reasons why you should….

1. Professional expertise matters as CRA authorizes representation through a Professional Accountant (CMA, CGA, CA).

The rationale behind a professional accountant’s service is mainly the breadth of accounting knowledge he is able to provide. Details pertaining to deductions, for instance, will never be caught unattended given their experience and expertise. Your accountant works hand-in-hand with you in all matters that may arise with regards tax payments, refunds and filing.


2.  Tax returns preparation will be done with updated knowledge on all federal and province tax rules.

Success in getting your tax returns filed rests in this basic notion: knowing, understanding and applying relevant tax laws affecting your returns. This is not just confined to your tax duties, but can extend to penalties and related matters. Changes in the provincial and federal tax laws may happen yearly and your accountant will know about them and the best ways to handle them.


3. The tax return preparation process can be made efficient.

Using an accountant for tax returns preparation saves you hours of your own time pouring over endless figures. Configuring your tax situation all by yourself can take days, weeks and months, especially if income sources are complicated, such as having a number of income-generating properties and multiple slip sources. Hiring an accountant will indeed save time and if time means money to you, then you’re up for huge savings. The process itself can also be accomplished more efficiently.


4. Strategies can be deduced to maximize deductions.

Having a tax specialist directly working on your return preparation will ensure that you don’t miss any significant deductions applicable to your tax situation. Unlike software, questions can be raised so as to clarify, evaluate and properly include important items to lessen payments or even instigate refund claims or tax credits.


5. Future help in tax-related matters are available with a high level of security.

A huge benefit of using an accountant for tax returns preparation is in knowing that in case of urgent need, a professional who knows every detail of the process can back you up. Tax debt and resolution issues can cause financial constraints without somebody help you take control and assisting you in solving any issues before they  snowball.


One  consideration that often hits the hardest is that accountant services can be expensive. From the above mentioned points, a paradigm shift is needed to breakthrough in the way you deal with tax returns and the corresponding preparation process. Financial cost will  be incurred, however the rewards are more than enough to compensate.


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